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One of the most popular and beautiful parts of Georgia, is located in the southwestern part, on the coast of the Black Sea. As an autonomous republic, it has its own flag and coat of arms, and borders Turkey to the south.

In the 1st century it was from Adjara that Christianity began to spread in Georgia, which was declared a state religion in the 4th century. Apostles St. Andrew and Simon Kananit preached...

Interesting about Georgia

"He who is in a hurry is always late", says Georgian folklore, and it has to be admitted that in today's world, where speed is only increasing, taking time has become of the essence.
So it's worth heeding the advice of the Georgians and visiting their homeland of endlessly powerful experiences.
Here, we give you some reasons why.


Tskhaltubo is a balneological resort town located in Imereti, in the central part of western Georgia. The resort is located in the valley of the river of the same name, Tskaltubo, at an altitude of 100 m above sea level, surrounded by picturesque hills covered with evergreen shrubs and deciduous forests. The resort owes its fame to the unique properties of its mineral radon water, which has been popular in Georgia...



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