Warning: Anti-rating or worst airports

We often hear about rankings of the best airports in the country, region, Europe, Asia, in the end of the world, but we can not even assume that the worst airports are much closer to us than we assume. On one of the most weighty, rating and travel website www.sleepinginairports.net every year there is an anti-rating of airports and it is impossible not to trust this rating - the audience of the site is about 26 000 people and apparently the same amount of negative reviews. Checking the ratings, I was not surprised to find airports I've been to myself, which means it was not my impression and it was a really bad experience!

Sooner or later the borders will be fully opened, a lot of people will go on holiday to Europe, so of all the variety of anti-rating decided to dwell on those airports that are very likely to get a lot of tourists this year, and of course based on my own experience.

So take note and then do not say that you have not been warned. So here we go!

Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport, France


One of the old timers of the anti-rating and, judging by its age, it is not going to get out. It was built many years ago as a temporary airport, so it got used to this role and does not try to change anything for the better. Lack of adequate seating, patriotic Frenchmen who do not speak English, bad Wi-Fi, no lounge area, and do not think that there will be an opportunity to spend the night at the airport in case of flight delays - the airport is closed at night. And don't be tempted by the word "Paris" in the airport's name - the airport is 85km to the city centre and getting to Paris will also be a problem, let alone getting there if you have an early flight. So when planning your trip to the French capital not to rejoice at the ticket for 1 Euro from low-cost airlines - first think about what expenses can expect you at the airport.

London Luton International Airport, UK


If you've been to the UK but haven't been to Luton Airport, you're in luck. Luton is the airport of choice for charter flights and numerous low-cost carriers. This is probably because of the low airport charges for airlines, but they seem to be more than compensated by the tourist's wallet. You will have to pay £2.50 for the taxi to get to the terminal building as well as the meter. If you are going to take the train from London make sure they are running on the day of your departure because strikes, breakdowns, things go wrong and other mishaps happen here more often than rain in the Sahara desert. At the airport itself you can hope for free Wi-Fi for the first 30 minutes, then be prepared to pay for it. Shortage of seats, long queues almost always, pronounced shortage of toilets and absolutely poor choice of food - here you're happy with chips too. And I sincerely pity you if you have to spend the night at the airport, and even more if it's autumn or winter - the building was built as a hangar, the word heating is not heard here and most likely you will have to sleep on the floor.

Brussels Charleroi International Airport, Belgium

Another favourite with the low-cost carriers and the anti-rating agencies is Belgium. An airport that's not really equipped to be an airport at all. Not enough seats, sockets, free Wi-Fi, heating, and in the late hours no transport to the city center, but also an option to eat somewhere. And, of course, it is worth noting the fact that the place is always crowded, not just a lot, and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Santorini National Airport, Greece

The airport feels like Babylon pandemonium, as the number of tourists visiting Santorini has increased manifold in recent years and the airport has not seen any increase in the number of vacationers. And if you add here the lack of any organization and the general grandiose chaos, getting into the wrong line at the check-in counter at times increases. The overall impression of the airport - the lack of sufficient seating, restaurants, the cleanliness of the airport itself also leaves much to be desired. The only thing that can save the airport is to demolish it completely and build a new one. But the good news is that when you successfully pass all circles of hell and finally get your luggage, you will find a truly beautiful island in Greece, especially loved by honeymooners and advertising brandy Metaxa.

Crete Heraklion International Airport, Greece

Another Greek airport is stubbornly on the list of the worst airports in Europe year after year. What personally struck me the first time I was there was no air conditioning. Maybe they are there, of course, but I haven't seen so many passengers standing in line just to get into the airport either. And apparently with this faced not only me, but judging by the reviews and many other passengers. Filthy toilets, lack of sufficient seats, and those that are there are simply uncomfortable, endless waiting for luggage and check-in and a general state of chaos - these are the impressions that leave everything that is happening here. Many travelers also note that eating fast food at the airport for the price of a Michelin restaurant is more than realistic here.

Rome Ciampino International Airport, Italy

The second airport in the beautiful Rome, which serves mostly low-cost carriers from all over Europe. So if you have an early departure or if your flight is unfortunately delayed, don't plan on spending the night at the airport, it closes from midnight to morning. What is particularly striking at the airport is the number of people sitting on the floor, there is just a catastrophic shortage of seats, as well as outlets to charge your phone. Difficult to answer what was more annoying: the jumping free Wi-Fi from "no" and just "no ever" or the Italian Dolce Vita staff on everything. The only advantage of the airport is proximity and availability to get by train directly to the city center, where you can switch from the shabby architecture of the airport to the really worthwhile architectural masterpieces of the Eternal City.

Cluj International Airport, Romania

If we were to describe our stay at the airport in two words, the most accurate definition would be "disorganized and rude staff". There is a shortage of everything: seating, places to eat and space to wait for your flight. And there are long lines everywhere and for everything. The airport has a life of its own, as does the climate control, which is heating in summer and cooling in winter. And yes, while waiting for your flight look under your feet so as not to get into one of the many mousetraps set up. For mice, of course.

Anyway, since you are already in the mood for a vacation or, conversely, returning home after a vacation, my advice to you is not to spoil and make an impression of the country, based initially on your experience at the airport. Undoubtedly, the airport is the hallmark of a city or country, but I wish you find more positive and unique moments of your stay outside of the airport. Look around, there are so many more beautiful and amazing things around than broken toilets and boorish airport staff. Have wonderful travels!

Author of the article:
OnlineExpo expert, Dmitry Lebedev



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