Baikal ProfiTour

BaikalProfiTour is one of the largest tour operators, which specializes in receiving tourists in the Baikal region, which will turn 15 years old in 2020. The company has vast experience in organizing recreation in Baikal, as well as provides services in organizing business tourism as well. The advantage of the company over its competitors are obvious: competitive prices corresponding to a high level of service; rest only in tested personally and well-studied places, which means that during the trip there will be no unforeseen situations; a large base of hotels and resorts, which in turn allows to organize any tours, both in duration and in price: group, individual, wedding and VIP-tours. The expeditions organized by the company were presented not only on Russian Federal Channels "Russia" and "First Channel", but also on National Geographic, Russian Travel Guide, MIR TV Company. It is easy and comfortable to make the tours offered by the company, there is no question that BaikalProfiTour cannot find a solution and provide fast and professional service

TravelExpo on its part is proud to represent the campaign to all Baltic countries and we hope our cooperation will be long and fruitful!

Baikal is becoming more and more accessible with us!

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