Highlights from the world of tourism in the New Year 2021/January

As the holiday weekend flew by, many people probably didn't have time to follow the news, including those from the world of travel. We've rounded up all the news for the first few weeks of January so we don't miss the most important things


World's safest airlines announced

World's safest airlines list announced

Qantas again tops the list, followed by Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Among the low-cost carriers Air Arabia, Allegiant, Easejet, Frontier and Jetstar Group are noted. It is good to see that Finnair and SAS are also in the top 20.

Factors such as company and authority audits, information on accidents and serious incidents, staff composition and training, as well as other factors, including flight safety from Covid-19 were taken into account while compiling the rankings. A total of 350 airlines were analyzed.

The UK has finally left the EU

The UK has finally left the EU.

It took a long time, negotiations between the UK and the EU were often deadlocked, but finally the process ended and on the night of December 31 to January 1, Brexit ended - the country finally left the European Union. The UK regained control of the border, trade, judicial system and fishing waters. British manufacturers still have access to European markets, but of course will have to comply with EU standards. Citizens of the country can still work within the EU, and EU citizens can travel to the UK without a visa as before.

There is still no consensus on the issue of the country's exit from the EU, but as they say, we'll see if the country's exit was justified.

Spain is literally snowed in

The news that literally overwhelmed all other news in the country - something no one could have predicted. Airports were closed in 40 provinces, trains were cancelled, and highways were blocked. Traffic jams, drifts and accidents caused hundreds of casualties. The country, which has no concept of central heating is of course in a state of shock, but people are not discouraged and cute videos of Spaniards playing snowballs and rejoicing in such exotic weather are floating around the net.

Lithuania changes the official name of Georgia to Sakartvelo

The Lithuanian State Language Commission approved the new name of Georgia - Sakartvelo. It was also noted that the word Georgia can continue to be used in "public space", but all official documentation will use the word Sakartvelo. Sakartvelo is the name of Georgia used by the residents of the country themselves. This word comes from the name of the people who lived on the territory of present-day Georgia - the Kartvelians. The word Georgia came to our language in XVII-XVIII centuries from the Arabic word Gurjistan.

Authorities in Amsterdam plan to close coffee shops for tourists.

The purpose of these plans is simple: the city authorities want Amsterdam to not be associated only with the fact that it is a city where you can try soft drugs and draw attention to the rich history and numerous museums of the city. The city also wants to solve the problem of overtourism. The city is not able to handle such influx of tourists, respectively, with hotels in the capital of the same problem - in Amsterdam are some of the most expensive hotels in Europe, not everyone can afford to rent a decent place.

There's a new airline in Italy

Starting from March 2021, the new airline EGO Airways plans to operate flights within the country. At the moment the airline's planes are based at Forlì and Catania airports, respectively from these cities the first flights within the country are planned. We will see if EGO Airways will be able to compete with other low-cost airlines and which European countries it will enter with its flights.

Poland made national visas for Belarusians free for two years

They could be obtained by minors and young people up to 25 years old who participate in conferences, seminars, competitions and other events abroad. It is also possible to apply for a humanitarian visa at the Polish and Lithuanian embassies.

A passenger plane crashed into the sea near Indonesia's capital

Perhaps the saddest news of all is that a passenger plane crashed in Indonesia. Dispatchers lost contact four minutes after takeoff and the plane crashed into the sea, later its wreckage was first spotted by sailors. There were 62 people aboard - 50 passengers (ten of them children) and 12 crew members. The cause of the crash is being established.

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