Where to eat (delicious) in Milan / Italy, 2021

Italian cuisine is probably the most popular cuisine in the world and it's hard to argue with this: every one of us must have tried something Italian at least once.

Italian cuisine includes an incredible amount of dishes with meat, dough and seafood, and the famous Italian desserts, soups and salads generally may be taken for the highest culinary level.

Let's tell at once - there are no regions in Italy where they don't taste delicious. Well, Italy is characterized by the situation that in every region of the country there are two or three distinctive dishes with peculiar recipes. For example, everyone knows that the homeland of pizza is Naples, in Umbria they make the best salami, and for risotto must go to Milan, which we will focus on this time.

What is there in Milan?

As everywhere else in Europe, the fashion to open a sushi restaurant on every corner is passing away (finally) and is being replaced by the love for all things BIO - that's really a lot in Milan! But priorities were set classically, so attention was paid to taste preferences, choices in the wine list, price offerings, popularity with the local population, which is a sign of quality in itself... Service everywhere was quite normal in Italian, in the absence of a crowd of tourists we can say that even at a decent level. Of all the restaurants we can safely recommend the following:

Dal Bolognese restaurant


Elegant with a classic and pleasant interior, in the summertime the tables are set on the patio. The restaurant is not advertised in tourist guidebooks and was rather difficult to find, although located in the city centre. The audience at the restaurant is mostly local, and it is well known that locals won't go to bad places to eat. A good wine list, the food is traditionally Italian, Mediterranean. On the menu, check out the pastas, especially the Tagliolini with culatello ham in white sauce.

Prices are above average

Da Oscar restaurant


Do you want to have an authentic dinner like in a family in Italy? Then you should definitely try to visit a family restaurant Da Oscar. Exactly try, because it's really difficult to get in without booking a table in advance. The food is simple Italian but everything is really tasty and fresh and the portions are really big! The interior is national, simple, really all homemade. A lot of customers, so it's noisy: it's not a restaurant if you want to talk or have a quiet evening at dinner.

Prices are average

Trattoria Bolognese da Mauro


If you're a fan of pasta, you're definitely in for a treat! A real, classic Italian trattoria, the interior of which will take you back to the 50's and 60's of the 20th century for sure. There is a suspicion that the interior has survived in its original form to this day, very cozy. A favorite place for locals, large portions and great house wine! You should book a table in advance, the place is top, it is difficult to get in!

Prices are low

Osteria Conchetta


Authentic and very Milanese- another very popular place with locals. Many return here just for the two dishes, Vodka Risotto and Osso Buco and it's really worth it. Great wine list and noteworthy is the service - you can't help but like it here!

Prices are average

La Briciola


Probably the most "starry" and elegant restaurant I've been able to visit.

It can be named star because of the number of local and world stars who have visited the restaurant which is proved by the numerous photos in the restaurant, and elegant because of the pleasant and cosy interior design, with an appropriate amount of people. In the menu there is a large selection of meat dishes and lovers of good wine should study the wine card - there are almost all regions and famous wines of Italy

Prices are high

Berbere pizzeria


If you're a pizza lover, you'll definitely need to come here - you won't find a tastier pizza in Milan. The interior is unobtrusive and hipster, very simple and tasteful. The rest of items on the menu are ordinary, so we advise you to focus on pizzas. Favorites with burata cheese, surprised with mashed potatoes (it happens).

The prices are low

Il Solferino


A restaurant with more than 100 years of history, which has been managed for 4 generations Il Solferino. Classic, elegant, with tablecloths on the tables, proper service and excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Time has stood still here and your stay won't be fleeting either; it makes you want to linger in such an environment. Worth mentioning is an excellent wine list, attentive service and cozy Italian atmosphere of such restaurants.

High prices

It is important to keep in mind that in many restaurants a table service charge is added . You should also note that in especially popular restaurants it is worth reserving a table in advance and do not forget to check the opening hours-many of them are open only in the evening.

Have a gastronomic trip!

Author of the article:
Dmitry Lebedev, OnlineExpo expert



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