Virtual tours of world museums

Do you miss museums and travel and wish you could visit the Louvre, the Hermitage or the Vatican? With the development of modern technologies it has become possible to take a virtual trip with the whole family, even without leaving home! For this journey now you need only a computer and Internet connection and here you are already enter the best museums of the world or even the secret vaults of the masterpieces of world importance.

Of course we can't fully replace real museum visit, but there are some advantages of virtual tours: no jostling, no queues, in the comfort of your home you can stay in the museum as long as you wish and see all the delights of world masterpieces, as well as those hidden artworks kept in store-rooms or vaults

In this article we have collected the most interesting and complete virtual museums, which we are pleased to share with you.

Louvre, France

Like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre has long been a hallmark not only of Paris, but of all of France. The Louvre has digitised and launched a platform where it has collected almost the entire museum collection, which is about half a million works of art. One can not be surprised with such a great number, if you know that the Louvre itself is more than 21 football fields!

Virtual Louvre can be visited by clicking on the link

State Tretyakov Gallery, Russia

Merchant-collectors brothers Pavel and Sergey Tretyakov founded the gallery in 1856.

Today, the Tretyakov Gallery holds the world's largest collection of Russian paintings, graphics and sculpture. Here you will see works by such great Russian artists as Ilya Repin, Ilya Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Levitan, Surikov, Serov, M. Vrubel, N. Roerich, P. Konchalovsky and many others.

You can take a virtual tour at the following link

Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are a succession of exhibition halls and galleries, the oldest exhibits are about 5 centuries old. You can explore a masterpiece collection of sculptures, manuscripts, maps, paintings, everyday objects and religious art. And yes, don't forget to "look up"!

You can take a virtual tour at this link

British Museum, UK

Today, the British Museum's collection contains over 13 million objects from all continents. The collection illustrates and documents the history of culture and humanity from the beginning of civilisation to the present day. The British Museum has one of the world's largest collections of Egyptian treasures.

You can take a virtual tour at this link:

The State Hermitage Museum, Russia

Is it any wonder that the Hermitage is rightly considered one of the largest art museums in the world? Here you'll find masterpieces of painting, graphics, sculpture and applied art, archaeological finds and numismatic material. If you have been to the Hermitage Museum more than once, think about the fact that for many people a visit to the museum remains a pipe dream and that by visiting the museum virtually you will only plunge into pleasant memories of it once again!

You can take a virtual tour by following this link:

Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece

The original ancient marble sculptures, which 2,000 years before stood on the surface of the earth, are collected within the walls of the museum. Instead of them, there are now copies installed upstairs. Now the originals are kept in specially equipped rooms so that our descendants can see their priceless rarity. By the way, scientists established that some exhibits date back to the Archaic period (long before Christ).

You can take a virtual tour at the following link

American National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC (Smithsonian Institution)

The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum complex with 16 museums and galleries. The Smithsonian Institution's collection consists of over 142 million items. For the convenience of visitors, all the exhibition halls are grouped by theme: geology and gemstones, the origin of man, mammals, insects, the ocean, butterflies... Children will surely enjoy the hall with dinosaurs the most, there is even a Tyrannosaurus skeleton!

You can take a virtual tour at the link

Author of the article:
OnlineExpo expert, Dmitry Lebedev


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