Where to go in St. Petersburg (bars and restaurants)?

"What to see in St. Petersburg in winter, or what to see in St. Petersburg in summer?" - are the most common questions among the many tourists coming to our city from different corners of the globe. We tried to collect the most interesting places in St. Petersburg that are worth visiting.

  • Panoramic Bar The Office Nargilia Lounge

address: ul. Rubinshteina ul. 30A, м. Vladimirskaya, Dostoevskaya.

The office, which does not need to work. On one of the busiest streets of St. Petersburg you can find an establishment where you can relax and unwind for 6 years. Panoramic bar The Office Nargilia Lounge is located on the legendary Rubinstein Street. Here you live in the rhythm of a slumbering megapolis and know what the right approach to relaxation is.

Recently this place has been completely renovated, preserving recognizable details and emphasizing laconism and modernity of the interior. The staff are ready to push the boundaries and break stereotypes, to please with harmonious flavor combinations and original mixes. In the menu you can find light snacks and soups, delicate desserts, burgers, rolls and pasta. Tea cocktails, and for sweet connoisseurs milk shakes with nutella, popcorn, fresh berries, mint or chewy sweets are served here. Cozy atmosphere disposes to pleasant meetings, cordial communication and relaxation. On weekends the rooms decorated with panoramic views of New York City feature energetic music played by guest musicians and DJs.

  • Bar 812

Address: 11 Zhukovsky St., Mayakovskaya metro

One of the most successful and well-known projects, the cocktail bar with a name like the phone number of St. Petersburg, was created by Aram Mnatsakanov's restaurant group "Probka". "812" is located in close proximity to Nevsky Prospect, but it is not the main advantage of the institution, but rather a pleasant bonus. The bar opened in 2008 and has won over its dedicated audience thanks to author's cocktails and musical surprises from different high-society characters - all of them are trying their hand at DJing. Since recently in "812" you can also have a snack with light salads as well as a full scale dinner. Over the years of its existence the bar has brought a lot of people together. They all continue to appreciate the high quality of the music and invariably return here.

  • Micro coffee house TCK

Address: Kamennoostrovsky Prospect 18/11 literature B (entrance into the archway from str. Mira), m. Gorkovskaya.

A wonderful little corner of coziness and friendliness. Very tasty coffee, which you can learn a lot from the barista. The most frenzied coffee house of all, where you can visit. And special mention should be made of homemade pastries. You really can safely say "as at home" about them.

  • Cat Café "Republic of Cats

Address: Yakubovicha Street, 10, metro Admiralteyskaya.

Europe's first cat cafe. Cat therapy in the company of 25 cats of 17 breeds, including the Hermitage cats.

You can: stroke, take pictures, play!

  • Place for creative people of St. Petersburg, cat lovers, tourists;

  • Hut and showcase for homeless cats, a kind of alternative to the usual forms of shelters;

  • Every year more than 700 animals find a new home here, the institution is visited by about 100 thousand citizens and guests of St. Petersburg;

  • It is a public awareness and humane attitude to homeless animals.

  • TIGER LILY" cafe

Address: 19 Italianskaya St., m. Gostiny Dvor

The menu includes a selection of dim sum and bao, beaten cucumbers and sweet and sour soups, noodles and wok rice, Peking duck leg and Shanghai-style chicken. The most dangerous (spicy) items are labeled as "hot" and "XXhot". The wine list features a lot of aromatic sorts that are usually combined with Asian cuisine (Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc) and trendy organic wines. The decoration is a mix of gothic, black-and-white minimalism and pots with human-sized evergreen palm trees. Entrance to Tiger Lily is through the flower shop of the same name in "Passage".

  • Ginza restaurant

Address: 16 Aptekarsky Ave, Petrogradskaya metro station.

You are here to breathe out and relax. In the hall "Veranda" is always languid, as in the oriental tent: in the semi-darkness velvet resonates with respectable leather, under the elegant drapery ceiling shimmering lacquered table, dreaming about something candles. Wine languishes in the cellar walls: champagne from Cristal Louis Roederer, Burgundy and Novotoscana, and sweet as molasses tokai.

There is brightness in the 'Terrace' hall in old-style style: green vegetation and house carpets, wooden cages with parrots in the panoramic windows - well-kept yard with a garden of stones. The menu blends East and West. The whole town comes here for the freshest sushi and hand rolls, shrimp are hidden in weightless tempura, octopus whites in the soup. How can one resist plump flatbreads filled with viscous suluguni or taste taste taste buds filled with meat juices? Pink glossy slices of duck layered under feathers of green onion, still-looking peach in a salad with figs, and escalope of foie gras, and slices of lamb from the skewer.

For true connoisseurs there is a fishbowl with a sea cavalry from pristine oysters to langoustines. Scallops are chopped into ceviche from a scallop of your choice, and a sea urchin is placed next to a linguine. Lurking in the blue depths of the aquarium is an expensive treat: a king crab. You feel as if you plunge to the sea bottom, come to the surface and gulp for air.

Breathe deeply

You are in "Ginza".

  • Cafe "SOSOSO"

Address: Voznesensky prospect, 6, metro station Admiralteyskaya

The concept of cuisine has remained the same - it is seasonal and local farm products, which are prepared taking into account all modern techniques and trends. Restaurant location has changed not only interior design - it became more adult and mature - but also the menu was changed and now includes a creative breakfast section. Kokoko inherited from the Mix an ultramodern oven and a special bakery, so for the time being the only positive aspects of the move.

  • Restaurant "Fish" (Italian restaurant and bar, suitable for vegetarians and vegans)

Address: 5 Akademika Pavlova Street, Petrogradskaya metro station.

A restaurant with a stunning view of the TV tower and the embankment, especially in the evening. Menu at reasonable prices. One can have a dinner for 1500-2000 for two people. The service is excellent and the staff is polite. The restaurant has a separate entrance and a transparent elevator that takes you to the very top with a beautiful view. For romantic dates we recommend table #15.

  • El Copitas Bar

Address: 18 Volodymyrsky Ave. m. Vladimirskaya St

A hidden taqueria bar that is accessible only by phone. It is hidden in the yard, works without a signboard and in general without any identifying signs, but is recognized as one of the best bars of the city according to the media and the public. The Must Have Bar team are the founders. Specialization - author's cocktails on mescal, tequila and rum. Food is spicy Mexican soups and snacks, tacos with meat, fish and beans. Extremely atmospheric place with a warm friendly atmosphere. Number 39 in the world!

  • Gastropub "Duck&Drake"

Address: 34 Sankt Peterhof Ave. (Peterhof)

Takeaway food, reservations, seating, waiters, parking available, high chairs for children. Serves alcohol, bar, wine and beer. American Express, Mastercard, Visa and credit cards accepted. Free Wi-Fi is available. Wheelchair access.

  • Cafe Botanica

Address: 7 Pestelya Str., Chernyshevskaya metro station.

One of the 1 vegetarian restaurants in the city honestly tries to please the requirements of a variety of visitors: from vegans and cheese eaters to those who have decided to temporarily observe the fast or just try familiar dishes in a lighter format. The menu includes olivier, shawarma and meatballs - all without meat. The dishes are prepared according to Ayurvedic recipes, with lots of spices added.

Health and enlightenment are contradicted only by alcohol: small wine list includes beer, aperitifs and strong drinks. Botanika regularly hosts cooking classes on cooking complex vegetarian dishes at home. The interior, in which calm green colour, wood and ethnic furniture, typical of almost all vegetarian places prevail, was created by 'Architectural studio number 2'. In summer, the terrace next to the café opens


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