About the suburbs of London or London is not the whole of the UK

The suburbs of London or London isn't the whole of Great Britain

When it comes to Britain and London in particular, the first thing that comes to mind is of course the sights of the capital of Foggy Albion: Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, the British Museum. The significance of these places no one is certainly not disputed, and an incredible number of articles and essays have been written about them, so when it comes to talking about London, one still wants to know about the sights that may not be as closely related to the famous places, but are no less beautiful with their charm, history and flavor.

The suburbs of London is no less beautiful: English classical landscapes, colorful villages, created as if it were a movie set, cozy countryside hotels, this holiday in the countryside is often more attractive, especially in the summer, when the harsh climate retreats and allows you to truly enjoy the atmosphere of the measured English lifestyle.

Where to go and what to see in the suburbs of London?

Let's stay in a perhaps County of Kent - a wonderful place for any kind of holiday at any time of year. It's easy to get to by train or car! You want to get to know the county of Kent better, because this is where the spirit of old England is especially felt: plenty of stunning scenery, cathedrals, castles, and beautiful wildlife. Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, and Chaucer all wrote in this part of England, so it is not without reason that many of the world's famous films were shot here. And of course, in our time, there is a well-deserved favorite vacation spot for many Englishmen. About some of them we will tell in this article.

  • Broadstairs Kent County

Broadstairs is located 130km east of London, Kent. A compact, laid-back seaside town about which Charles Dickens wrote: "You cannot imagine how delightful and fresh this place is, or how good the walks are. There are festivals and events during the summer months, such as Folklore Week in August, the Dickens Festival in June, and the popular Spring and Autumn Food Festival. Definitely worth a visit is the beautiful beach and of course the cliffs, where every pebble is chalk!

  • Bewl Water

Bewl Water is a reservoir located in the valley of the Bewl River, on the border between the county of Kent and East Sussex. The reservoir was built in the 1970s of the 20th century and is now the largest water reservoir in the South East of England. It is now an ideal place for a family holiday, although the tranquillity, beautiful scenery and equally beautiful sunsets lend themselves to romantic getaways. Recreation here can cater for all tastes, from fishing to cycling along the reservoir. Enjoy the views from the restaurants and cafes around the site, and take your time!

  • Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is the absolute must-see. Not only does it have a Norman-styled castle history that goes back to 1119, it has an amazing lawn maze for those who aren't afraid to get lost, and is the best place for a picnic with friends or family that can last the whole day! There are many events on the castle: open-air music and film festivals, sports competitions, exhibitions. You don't need to plan your trip according to a particular event - all you need is to guess about the weather and have a picnic!

Where to stay if you don't want to leave?

It is worth noting a couple of hotels that are particularly memorable. If you have time and wish pay attention to them. They are situated close to the described places and have a special flavour and spirit of England.

  • The Bell in Ticehurst | The Bell

Hotel website: www.thebellinticehurst.com

The Bell is a quintessentially English hotel in Ticehurst - you can say here everything is thought out in detail: Rustic and colourful rooms, a real English pub, and of course the food - the innkeepers barbecue on a big charcoal grill in the courtyard. The inn has won many awards, including a Michelin Award for England and Ireland in 2020.

And yes, pets are welcome - a big plus!

  • Elvey Farm Country Hotel

Hotel contacts https://www.facebook.com/elveyfarmhotel/photos

One look at the photos of the hotel and you see that it is a remake of an old mill and the whole surrounding area is nothing more than a mill house. Once you are there you feel yourself totally immersed in the rural life with all the comforts of the town. The hotel is small, the rooms are fully equipped and the pub is in English style. The hotel itself is located in a picturesque place, and the lovers of eco-tourism should rent a bike and ride around the area. What is worth noting about the hotel itself is the excellent breakfast, which is of a very high standard indeed!

Even the four-legged pets are welcome!

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