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Who doesn't dream of taking a photo that will be remembered for years to come? As a rule, such photos look more attractive against the background of unusual, beautiful sights and are remembered precisely because they are not often found on the expanses of the Internet

Photos have their authenticity and uniqueness, and visiting these places, of course, will be remembered for many years and remember your trip will be doubly pleasant. It's also a big plus that the pictures will stand out against the backdrop of famous landmarks that everyone knows about and has probably seen more than once!

On your next trip to Estonia, look out for :

  • Piusa Museum Cave

The Piusa Cave is located in Southern Estonia, not far from the Russian border in the Setomaa Lands. In the beginning of the 20th century, deposits of quartz sand suitable for making glass were found and it was extracted until 1966. In our days, the cave has been given a museum look and although it is not possible to take a walk in the whole cave (by the way it is more than 10 km), a great photo can be made for sure For example, if you have some free time, you can watch a nature documentary telling about the wintering population of the largest bat population in Eastern Europe - yes, there is one here!

  • Falling House, Tartu

In addition to sightseeing in the cozy student town of Tartu, it is worth paying attention to the Falling House, which is angled more than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! The house is located right on the Town Hall Square. The widow of the great military leader Barclay de Tolly used to live there. Later there was a pharmacy, where the famous Estonian writer Oskar Luts worked. Nowadays the building houses the Museum of Art, and you can also take a look inside if you like.

  • Kõpu Lighthouse, Hiiumaa

The Estonian island of Hiiumaa is well known but not as well known as the neighbouring island of Saaremaa. Those who like taking pictures or taking pictures against the backdrop of nature will certainly find it interesting as it is incredibly beautiful here with its pristine nature and minimal human impact. Kõupa Lighthouse, which is the oldest working lighthouse in the world, the construction of which began over 500 years ago, is worth seeing. If you climb to the top of the lighthouse you will see a great panoramic view of the island, and if for some reason you don't want to climb to the top, you can spend time in a small museum of old photographs or sit in a cafe just next to the lighthouse

  • Rotermann Quarter, Tallinn

Talking about modern Estonia, Rottermann Quarter is located right in the center of the city. Its modern avant-garde architectural solutions blend in with the old buildings, and it is sometimes hard to tell which buildings are restored to their former glory and which are completely new. The neighbourhood itself has long been popular with the city's inhabitants and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops, and in the centre of the quarter various events and performances often take place in the small square. An interesting fact: there is Stalker's Alley here - at one time director Andrei Tarkovsky chose this very site for scenes from the movie of the same name.

  • Witch's well in Tuhala

Perhaps the most mysterious place of all those listed. It is shrouded in many legends about evil spirits, one of which is that the well boils when the witches there take a steam. In reality, the well actually rises during floods and is seasonal in nature, "boiling" in the spring, throwing up an incredible amount of water and flooding all the meadows around

  • Lacy Kursaal in Haapsalu

The small resort town of Haapsalu has always attracted tourists precisely because of its identity, calm measured lifestyle and mud baths. Besides well-known attractions such as the Bishop's Castle, Haapsalu is also worth a walk along the seaside promenade where the famous "wooden lace" kursaal is located. In the summertime, a brass band often plays in the nearby concert shell, which definitely adds to the charm of the place - a feeling of being immersed in the 18th and 19th centuries is guaranteed!

Author of the article:
onlineexpo expert, Dmitry Lebedev


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